Monday, 24 January 2011

First Times

Look what I got in the post this morning.

I wonder what it could be...

Yes, it's my corset for the upcoming Club Noir!  I decided I was very, very tired of my current cheap rubbish one and that since it's a ball, I should make an effort.  This is the first time I've ever had a heavy lacing corset so it's brand new territory for me.  It's got sixteen steel bones and a steel busk as well as six suspender clips which (heart-breakingly) I can't use.  They'll be kept for future projects, I think, they're very nice quality.  The corset itself isn't really so.  It might be heavy lacing but it was still only £25.  The busk doesn't quite align and is clumsily put in and the finish isn't brilliant, but you get what you pay for.  It's a nice one to tide me over until better things.  Plus it's red which always gives it +1000 points in my book!

As you can see (despite my blurry pictures), I haven't managed to lace it properly myself.  It needs to come in a couple of inches both on the bust and the waist but that should be more than possible on the night!  It's supposed to be able to be used for waist training, but I personally think it's too flimsy.  It needs another couple of layers and bones before I'd be comfortable using it for such things.  But anyway, it's my first grown-up corset and I'm very happy with it.  Roll on February!

Mimi x

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