Friday, 11 February 2011


Finally it's almost time for Club Noir!  This time tomorrow night I will be dressed to the nines and surrounded by beautiful people watching even more beautiful acts on stage.  Oh, also there will be cocktails.  That just makes an evening!  I'm not entirely happy with my outfit, but I think that'll continue until I'm in a position to buy proper, good quality garments and accessories.  The corset has a continuing problem with the busk; the middle clasp refuses to close.  I can only hope I don't wreck it by lacing it tightly without it being properly fastened.  But c'est la vie if it does get bent out of shape.  It's an excuse to save up and get a lovely one instead!

So I have my corset, my skirt, my stockings, my mask and my accessories.  The only thing missing is opera gloves.  I'm not entirely sure if I will get some or not, it just depends what Glasgow city centre has to offer tomorrow.  They'd be lovely, so I'll keep my fingers crossed.  Anyway, with the next post, there will be pictures, I promise.

Mimi x

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