Saturday, 5 March 2011

Nights Out and Milestones

Ooh dear, it has been a while since I last updated.  Although I did say there would be a lot of silence!  Anyway, time for some nattering.

The Club Noir masked ball was wonderful.  Everyone was dressed up and looking marvellous and the masquerade masks added that extra bit of decadence!  The acts were very varied and all of the top performers were doing their thing.  Tina Warren did a mirror act striptease which, to me, was the absolute epitome of burlesque; glamorous, sensual and wickedly comical.  She knows exactly how to entrance the audience with every move she makes, which is why her act was so apt.  There were also performances from Lou Hickey and Luke Amour which were fantastic-- It's so good to see a mix of traditional dances and boylesque acts.  Plus I received a wonderful surprise; despite not being on the bill my favourite performer Oliver Twisted took part in a reverse-striptease and dancing act with Chelsea Dagger.  I've been utterly in love with him since the Halloween show in October when he did a striptease dressed as an 18th century French noble.  My heart almost stopped watching him!  Plus the fact that his backing music was Blood Sugar by Pendulum helped.  So the acts were fantastic, the music was wonderful, the cocktails were flowing and everyone was so beautiful.  It was a night to remember.

As for me, I wasn't looking as well as I wanted to that night.  I didn't have time to properly wear in my red corset, so I think I was looking very stiff and boxy that night.

A bit of a plain Jane really compared to everyone else around me.  But as long as I'm buying ready-made corsets they're never going to look quite right on me, since I'm a tiny person with a short trunk.  Though I pride myself in the fact that I'm the same height as the great Sally Rand herself!  If about a foot thicker than her around the middle.  I'm actually concocting a new outfit to go with that corset if I can wear it in properly.  The other day I bought a vintage skirt pattern off of eBay...

I figured a '50s full skirt and petticoat would go nicely with it.  It's not that different to the skirt I wore on the night of Club Noir, but it'll be a bit nicer and it'll be the right length.  And it'll be black with red polka dots.  And I've found the perfect shoes.

Because every girl needs a pair of polka dot platforms.  Especially if she's my height!

Alright, this is turning into a bit of a rant, so I'll finish with some lacing news.  I'm officially half way towards my target of 2.5 inches!  I don't want to be a tight lacer, I just want to control my thick waist a bit, so I reckon 2.5 inches is plenty.  So being at 1.25 inches makes me happy!

Just as an aside; I'm not using the black corset for waist training, it's only got plastic bones and cost £10 on eBay.  It's just easier to show progress on it.  Anyway, I shall end my rant there.  I have no idea when the next update will be, we'll all just have to wait and see.

Mimi x

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